The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Hypnosis is an ancient healing technique that is safe, gentle and effective to reduce stress and get to the cause of emotional problems that can affect deep change in an individual's life. During hypnosis, a person enters a state of mind that can be compared with a pleasant daydream, a type of relaxed, focused concentration.  A person under hypnosis appears like they are sleeping but hey actually focused on what is happening in their imagination, with their body feeling deeply relaxed.

The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique or the QHHT involves doing a past life regression.  The technique was pioneered by Dolores Cannon about 45 years ago. Quantum  Healing Hypnosis takes one of the most appropriate time and places to address their questions, concerns and health issues in their lives.   Past life regression involves a person being regressed and guided through a decent past life from the first view, throughout the various periods of life all through to the death scene. The subconscious will select what part of past life to show through the guidance of the QHHT practitioner.  The past life that the subconscious chooses to show a person is always relevant to their current life. It is common for multiple past experiences to come up during a single session.

The subconscious plays a great role in this technique as it knows everything there is to know about a person and their current life.  The first step therefore that a practitioner takes is to ask the subconscious the questions an individual has about their life. Getting this info on behalf of the individual is crucial to the healing aspect of the technique as it offers them with comfort, support and an understanding of many different areas of an individual's life.  The subconscious will only choose to share information that is useful at the time and one that will benefit the individual.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis technique allows one to take time out from their everyday life, and to get in touch with things that one is normally unaware of in their busy task-oriented life. This healing method slows one down and gives you the chance to relax and take care of things. Your facilitator will guide you through by asking the right questions, the ones you bring to your therapy session and record all the information for you to listen to later.

The benefits of Quantum Healing Hypnosis can be measured in line with life satisfaction, emotional healing, and increased spiritual awareness.  Changes can occur in a person's perception of time, and one begins to look forward to each day, solidly anchored in the present moment.

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